January Recap

January was a pretty good month for running. I was sick for the second half of the month, so my cumulative mileage dipped down, but I take pride in the 83 miles I was able to log. I enjoyed some nice long runs by myself and also with my running buddy. It has been a wonderful fortune to have a friendship with somebody who is also actively training for a few half marathons in the future—I think the ability to run together now and then keeps us both accountable. I enjoyed the Nookachamps 10K, but hope to run it again next year in better health.

Yesterday, I kicked February off with a 3 mile nighttime run. The days are getting a bit longer, there is still daylight when I leave work, but none remains by the time I get home. By the end of the month, my headlamp will be less necessary. On a 10 mile run last weekend, the sun came out for about an hour, and the breeze was mild. The birds were singing and the small buds glistened on the branches. Slowly, slowly, the seasonal change is underway once again.

Goals for this month are to accumulate 80-100 miles (toward my goal of running 1,000 miles in 2016), go for a PR at the Birch Bay half marathon, and continue my hip strengthening exercises and stretches about which I was relatively disciplined last month.

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