training while sick

Despite all of my precautions, I succumbed to the current cold virus making its rounds. I took a few nights off from running, and was able to run a 10K race yesterday morning at a more leisurely pace. Today, I am feeling more improved, and will likely go for a short (~3 mile) run. Tomorrow, if I am feeling even better, I will attempt a long run.

Should we train when we are sick? I think that really depends on the person and the sickness. I exercise when I am sick if my symptoms are above the neck, I am feeling sufficiently hydrated, and the thought of fresh air and pumping blood perks me up. Often, I find that a jog here and there as I am getting over a cold helps to clear my sinuses and lift my spirits. What I have learned to be the most critical, is to honestly listen to the needs of the body before committing to a run. I can think of times when I ran too hard and for too long when I was feeling really sick and run down, and that actually compromised my health more. I try to play it really safe these days.

As a consequence of taking a few days off, my January mileage is a little behind, at 44 miles so far for the month. I hope that I am able to pick up my streaking again soon, and contribute some solid long runs to the remainder of the month as I finish preparing for the Birch Bay Half Marathon.

Yesterday’s 10K was pretty fun. My running buddy and I ran it together, and there was a lucky break in the rain for the entire duration of the race. I am most proud of us for running up an extremely gnarly hill right at the midpoint of the run. In comparison to where we were last year in our respective running practices, I think we’ve made some substantial improvements.

Happy trails, and stay well!


One thought on “training while sick

  1. Wonderful post! I always noticed that when I played concerts while slightly under the weather, the adrenaline and mindset seemed to act as a cure. Of course, it all depends on circumstances and the individual. We can push ourselves too hard…

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