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It is definitely January. The term has started up at the university where I work, and I find myself keeping occupied with supporting my students and the case management required by that task. My doctoral studies resume tomorrow, the last semester before I take comprehensive exams, the penultimate semester before I begin dissertating… there is a light at the end of that tunnel! I am doing my best to keep up my running streak, so far, so good. On Saturday, I enjoyed an 8-mile run. Trying to keep my long runs in good shape for my upcoming half marathon in mid-February. This weekend, I will run the same 10K I did last year, with the hopes of a much-improved time. Since I am working around a bunch of students, and then picking up my kiddo from preschool every day, I continue to wash my hands frequently, get plenty of sleep at night, and eat nourishing foods (stay away, germs!).

Speaking of foods, we are two weeks in to an interesting challenge at my house, which is to not eat “out” at all this month (this includes restaurants, take-out, coffee stand items, drive-thrus). My partner and I both work full time, and that can make meal preparation every evening appear daunting. Last month, we realized that we had come to depend on food prepared by others as a mainstay of our diets. I worried about the impact on our finances and on our nutrition, and we agreed to try something different for the month of January. So far, I love the change of pace. Grocery shopping immediately became more exciting, as we stocked our kitchen with more produce, meats, eggs, and other ingredients. Meals have been much more satisfying and healthy; leftovers are being consumed. We are tossing less food because we are using it up to cook. Our compost and garbage output has gone down tremendously. Surprisingly, we are eating very few boxed or frozen food items.

Here are some go-to strategies that I have found really help:

-Bake a bunch of yams (my favorite) or potatoes and use those throughout the week in meals

-Scrambles (various ingredients cooked omelet style with eggs) are a great way to use up odds and ends in the produce drawer

-A crock pot is pretty much an error-proof way to make a tender and fragrant stew

-Chopping vegetables on Sunday night and storing them in Tupperware really does make it easy to throw together a “to-go” salad for lunch throughout the week

-You can make amazing pizza dough in the bread machine

Anyway, all of these are no-brainers, but sometimes we have to reset our habits before we can remember or realize the resources at our disposal. We are spending way less money to eat better food and feel more satisfied. I am sure, come next month, we will eat out again occasionally. But the break from restaurant food has been really good for us, and also fun for my daughter, who loves to help with the cooking.

One thought on “home cooking

  1. mmm I love your cooking. And although at times tedious, I find weekday meal prep so satisfying once I’ve done it. I’m always so pleased with myself later in the week. Also, sweet potatoes ALL DAY.

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