The time when I got mono

Felt like it was a good idea to update this blog at least once before the fall! After about 2 months of feeling terrible and nearly no improvement despite repeated rounds of antibiotics, I was finally diagnosed with mono. Yes, I am one of those lucky adults who got to experience the utter exhaustion and freakishly large lymph nodes all at once.

After a solid week on bed rest (meaning lots of television and standing only to walk to the toilet), I started to feel myself again for the first time in awhile. I was under very strict guidance for getting back into exercise… so I’ve had to be quite conservative with running. As you might imagine, plans to run the full marathon went out the window pretty quickly.

The good news is that I have healed, and I am feeling wonderful now. Yesterday, I was able to run 8 miles without feeling sore or tired. I plan to run the half marathon in about a month at a very leisurely pace. I have also resumed lunchtime zumba classes, which never fail to improve my mood.

I am working on increasing capacity a day at a time, gearing up for another semester of doctoral classes, possibly singing in two choirs, tackling an exciting year at my job, and of course parenting my four-year-old. Running is an important outlet to stay calm and collected. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity once again to lace up my shoes and take down some miles.