Marathon Training, Week 2

Tuesday- 3

Thursday- 3

Saturday- 9

Sunday- 3

Total Mileage: 18

Week 2 started off very rocky. I woke up on Sunday morning with terrible ear pain. A visit to urgent care soon revealed a nasty ear infection. I spent the rest of the day laid up on the couch alternating between Vicodin and antibiotics. It was not fun. And, I was really upset about not being able to run.

Monday, I was under the weather, but no longer in pain. I spent the rest of the week taking it gentle and slow with my running. By Saturday, I was up for a long run. Happy to report that 9 miles felt great and that, despite my slow down, I did not lose my endurance.

Aside from running, I have been lifting weights a bit each day and also paying particularly close attention to stretching/exercising my piriformis muscles and IT bands. These are the first things to get stiff when the mileage increases, so I am being as proactive as possible.

I felt so good on Saturday, during and after my run. Glad for the return of my health, but also replenished by the distance itself. I love long runs, because they become as they emerge. The experience is shaped by each mile. It is an accomplishment that only the individual can do and know. I often run the same route on my long runs, and there is this liberty in reaching a certain point along the way, where the woods thicken and civilization falls behind. My spirit is nourished in that space.

Temperatures are cooling down just a bit this week, and I look forward to continuing my training!