Marathon Training, Week 1

I want to write about why I decided to train for and run a second full marathon, but will do so a bit later. I find that keeping a journal of training is really helpful as a motivational tool, so I will just launch into a summary of Week 1.






Total Mileage: 20 miles

This week was all about recovering from one of the worst colds I can remember, and starting to establish a reliable base for increasing mileage. After hardly running the week before last due to illness, it felt really good to hit the trails/pavement and get sweaty once again. The silver lining of getting sick was that my body got a solid chunk of days to rest. I resumed running feeling really good–joints and muscles are pain-free and going strong.

I am working on feeling more comfortable with a slower mile time. After focusing on speed goals the last few months, it is time to switch back to distance goals. This morning, I ran a 10K race 6 minutes slower than my 10K race last month. Last month, I crossed the finish line and was completely spent. This morning, I crossed the finish line and could have kept running. That is one of the lessons I can remember from two years ago when I trained for my first marathon. Save energy for the end, burn your energy slowly, do not fret about notions of speed.

Since today consisted entirely of road running, I am going to kick Week 2 off tomorrow with a trail run. The plan is to achieve a long run of 10 miles during Week 2.

One thing is for sure–I could not do this without the support of family and friends!


ma daughter


I’ve been a lackluster blogger lately. I just started my summer term, and so I’ve been elbow deep in qualitative research (which is a wonderful thing, just time consuming). When I am not working on school or working at my job, I am spending every minute I can outdoors. I am keeping up with my commitment to run 1-2 times a week during my lunch hour at work, and I am enjoying some evening and weekend trail runs around my neighborhood. Originally, I had planned to run a half marathon in about two week’s time. However, my body was feeling really fatigued last month, and I made the decision to listen and slow down. Rather than piling on the mileage, I’ve been working on maintaining regular 3-4 mile runs several times during the week. The pay-off has been a pain-free body with a renewed energy to train. I am running a 5K the weekend after next, and then I am going to start working toward my early August half marathon.

I went for a walk to the beach Saturday morning, and I saw so many runners beginning their half/full marathon training for the Bellingham Bay. It was so exciting. I love this time of year and the gradual build-up to fall racing season. So, I’ll leave you with a few words of advice:

-Every mile counts

-Drink water

-Wear sunscreen

-Run for health, and run for fun



Blueberry patch–a recent gardening project.