and now we return to our regularly scheduled program…

I am still deciding what I want to train for this summer… marathon or half marathon. So much depends upon how my body feels in the coming months. Pleasantly, other than a blister beneath a toenail, I did not incur any injuries from the Whidbey Island half marathon. My upcoming distance race is a half marathon in mid-June. Because rates for the Bellingham Bay marathon do not go up until after June 30th, I am going to make the decision about which event I will be running after I complete my next half.

I plan to go for a nice run down to the harbor tonight. According to the weather report, it is supposed to be warmer and sunnier later on in the day. I spent the weekend rehearsing and preparing for a chorus concert on Saturday night, so I did not get any miles in. This weekend, I am running a charity 5K on Saturday morning. On Sunday, I plan to enjoy a long run… aiming for 6 miles.

Here is my tentative long run schedule for the next half marathon:

May 3rd– 6 miles

May 10th– 7 miles

May 17th– 8 miles

May 24th– 9 miles

May 31st– 10 miles

June 7th– 12 miles

[Taper 2 weeks]

June 21st– 13.1 miles [race day]

Once thing I need to be more cognizant of is what type of surface I run on while training. I love trails so much, that I often sacrifice miles on the road in order to spend more time in the woods. I know my upcoming half will present a mix of pavement and trails, as did Whidbey.

Which do you prefer… trails or roads?

3 thoughts on “and now we return to our regularly scheduled program…

  1. Trails. No contest.

    Of course, road training is necessary when working towards most popular marathons or half marathons. 😦

  2. It’s a toss up for me. Trails often present more hills… so I am suspicious of them 🙂 But, they are certainly kinder to my legs. I enjoy pavement not so much for the surface but for the more varied visuals. Trail running can feel like a never ending deluge of gravel and green while my eyes/brain prefer peeking into passing houses and peering over fences at changing gardens. Optimal case is a mixture of the two – especially for longer runs.

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