This is the word that guides my reflection today.

I accept my body and abilities for what they are, today. Not what they were, not what they will be. Today I embrace the present of how I am feeling, from the tips of my toes to the top of my head.

I have been struggling with whether or not to run another full marathon this September. The journey of training for a marathon appeals to me for many reasons—but chiefly that the entire process amounts to a rebirth. There is something about the pure tenacity, the closeness to endurance, the span of so many miles by foot that I crave. I am hungry for it.

But today, I listen to my body. I feel the twinge of IT-Band aggravation as I hit double digits in my long run mileage. I go to yoga and to the pool, I ease off of running, knowing that this Saturday is a race and Sunday is a long run of 12 miles. To run 12 miles, I must be delicate with my body. I must nurture and pamper that pesky area of fascia running down my right hip and leg.

I wonder if I can care for my body and train for a marathon this summer.

I wonder if I can responsibly sustain my running practice in the long term if I take on so much mileage.


I accept that this is what I am navigating now.

I accept the tenderness as a sign that I am in my own body.

I accept what I will learn and gain by strengthening the muscles and form to prevent the injury.

I accept that distance running is the journey of finding joy through the miles… not about the length of the run.

I approach my own uncertainty with fresh eyes.


3 thoughts on “Acceptance.

  1. Good post. 🙂

    I can especially relate to this part, “I accept my body and abilities for what they are, today. Not what they were, not what they will be,” as I have been working on being more thankful for what I have and less desirous (jealous) of what I do not, including things that used to exist in my life as well as what I may experience in the future (both related to running as well as several aspects of my life unrelated to running).

  2. I find that acceptance is constant work. Sometimes pleasurable work, and sometime not so much. When I find my acceptance faltering or wavering, I often fall back on my brief “I am a runner…” statement I developed when reading “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer”. I find it centers me in the present, and moves me through not helpful self-talk toward acceptance and joy.

    Also, I love that you put this picture in your post. This picture makes me happy, and hopeful.

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