Weekend Update

I am now just about a month away from the Whidbey Island Half Marathon (!!). On Saturday, I ran a St. Paddy’s themed 8K. I was really proud of myself for running the entire 5 miles at a 9:40 min/mile pace (I’ve been sticking right around 10 min/mile for my mid-to-long runs). Per tradition, I ran in both my green wig and tutu. I do not usually dress up for races, but when I do, I go all out. It was so nice to run with friends. One is relatively new to running, and another is coming back after a year of recovering from injury. What enormous feats to celebrate!


Yesterday, which ended up being a record-breaking day of rain (which means really, really wet and soggy in the Pacific Northwest), was also a pretty epic long run. I broke into the double digits and ran 10 miles! It was my first 10 mile run of 2015. Aside from the fact that my socks got wet pretty early on (there were puddles… everywhere), I did get far enough on the trail to hit some deep woods and gnarly switchbacks. The result of the hills and slippery trails (which I tackled cautiously to avoid injury) was that my average mile time was a bit slower. However, I was really satisfied with the distance and enduring the elements. I came home, got in warm dry clothes, and basically lounged around the whole rest of the day. I did manage to bake some homemade bread… got to keep up those carbohydrates, right?


I am going to do a short recovery run this evening, and then I am mostly cross-training for the week, with the exception of my mid-length run on Wednesday. This weekend, I will not be able to squeeze in a very long run, so I hope to do a hilly or speedier shorter run instead. Then, the following weekends I will be back at the longer runs until I start tapering, shortly after Easter.

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