100 Miles

I joined a silly social media challenge to run 100 miles in the month of March. I have not given it much thought, except for to try and run a little bit each day that I can between long runs. I consulted the history on my Garmin last night and calculated that I have already completed 32/100 miles for the month. Yay! A third of the way there… and a third of the way through the month.

Will I log 100 miles this month? I am not sure. I would be happy with any amount exceeding 50 (my previous mileage goal the last time I set one). I am sure there have been months that I’ve logged 100 miles before… I probably just wasn’t paying attention. Still, it is fun to be a bit competitive with myself and aim for the triple digits.

Running in Daylight Savings Time continues to reward me. Last night, I was able to enjoy 5 miles after work… all in the daylight! There is something so wonderful about running the surrounding neighborhoods under the pink light of early spring. The landscape changes every day. Like autumn, spring is a time of visceral transformation. We are reminded by the external natural world of our own changes inside the mind and body.

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