Welcome, Spring!

Runners, rejoice! We are about to gain an hour of daylight in the evenings! Just two more nights of darkness to go…

Western Washington is in bloom. The winter has been unusually mild and dry. I know this is not the best indication of the health of our climate, but I will be honest and tell you that the sunny weekends are making my long runs pretty easy to enjoy.


The view from Sunday’s trail run

Last weekend, I enjoyed two back-to-back trail runs. Then, on Wednesday evening, I finally got to try out my new Hoka One One Cliftons. After managing my injury-prone right IT band (which, thankfully has not acted up in about two years) and ongoing tenderness in my sciatic nerve (a strange holdover from pregnancy), I thought it might be an added benefit to explore some maximalist shoes. So far, my impression is that the shoes are much lighter than my regular Brooks or Mizunos. The extra cushioning absorbs quite a bit of shock. After the first run, I had soreness in muscles I don’t usually trigger while running (perhaps a positive sign!). Meanwhile, my joints were pretty dang rested. I look forward to running in the Cliftons more as I finish up these next weeks of training.

I look forward to another long run with good weather tomorrow morning. It is getting to the point in my training where I start needing a little entertainment to get me through the runs. Perhaps I’ll finally start listening to Serial…

One thought on “Welcome, Spring!

  1. It was so lovely to ring in the season of daylight evening runs with you! I adore your company and you really pushed me to run faster! I was super happy to see my average pace on 2 miles under 12mi/mile. I appreciate your unending support and patience as you slow down to let me tag along 😉

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