Half Marathon Training Update

Yesterday was my long run day. I debated back and forth about running 7 or 8 miles, and I ended up running 8. It was glorious! First, the weather is amazing for February. Blue skies, sun, mild temperatures. Second, I maintained a 10 minute mile for the entire distance. Finally, I was still very energized when I came back home, which is always a good sign. I am getting very excited about the half marathon in less than two months!

This coming weekend, I would like to repeat the 8 mile distance and start building a good base for increasing during the month of March. Here is my tentative plan for long runs:

2/28 – 8 miles

3/8 – 9 miles

3/14 – 9 miles

3/22 – 10 miles

3/28 – 12 miles

4/4 – 4 miles

4/11 – 8 miles

4/19 – 13.1 miles (RACE DAY)

I will keep up my cross-training and midweek runs to balance myself out. I also intend to attend a yoga class at least one day per week through training, in order to maintain adequate flexibility. Power Vinyasa builds a lot of core strength, but Yin helps me to “let go” of tight muscles and work on alignment. I suppose I can gauge how my body is feeling each week in order to pick a class.

Not every run is wonderful, but my run yesterday was indulgent from start to finish. Each time I return to my house from a run like that, I realize how much I love distance running, and how grateful I am to have a running practice in my life. Today I feel accomplished and also relaxed.

In other news… less than two weeks until Daylight Savings begins. I am so ready to pack away the headlamp and start running in the daylight again after work.

Is anybody else training for a spring race?

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