Sunday Runday

Today is Sunday–usually a long run day for me, but because I was awake until almost 1 AM (too late for me) last night, I treated myself to a 5K tempo run on the trails instead. We returned home from Texas last night, and while it was a very fun trip, I sure was overjoyed by the smell of fresh Pacific Northwest woodsy air this morning. Though I did not run in San Antonio, I got a lot of exercise walking several miles each day, most of them with my 3.5 year old on my back. We traveled south mainly because I was presenting a paper I authored on my research-in-progress at an education conference. I was a bit nervous about the presentation, but it went really well. I received some encouraging feedback from other folks who are experts on the social dimensions of math preparedness. I ate some really good Tex Mex, but I was happy that I stayed active on the trip, did not eat junky food, and returned home feeling healthy and well.

This week, I plunge back into the routine of training for the upcoming half. My goal this weekend is to run 7 miles on my long run. I will keep increasing the mileage by one mile each weekend, with a few weeks of repeated mileage, until I hit my tapering time (around the first week of April). Training for a half marathon is my absolute favorite. I just love the process and, ultimately, the distance of the race. Now that I have my trip out of the way, I can make the most out of the next two months.

DSCN4498 (2)

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