Training, long run recap, travel plans

Yesterday was my long run, and I was in the mood to hit the trails. I ended up running three laps around one of our local lakes for a grand total of 8 miles. The first two laps were a good tempo pace, and I was joined by my friend for the last lap, which we took a bit slower since she is pretty new to running. Overall, it was a really nice run with adequate cool-down. Running long laps can be challenging for me on a mental level, because I am seeing the same thing again and again. However, on the trails in the morning when so much is changing in the environment minute-by-minute (sun breaks, fog clearing, and wild life), I find enough to keep myself present in the run.

I was really happy with the balance of running and cross training last week. I’ve consistently been doing some kind of exercise every day for the last several weeks… since right before the holidays. I am feeling really strong—and not just in my legs. Doing a Zumba toning workout on my lunch break several days a week is forcing me to lift weights. At first it was really cumbersome… but now the sequences fly by (even with heavier weights), and my arms and back are feeling so strong and well-aligned! I attended a (hot yoga) power vinyasa class on Saturday, and that class used to kill my arms. I got through it just fine! I can really feel a difference.

Next week, we are travelling to San Antonio for a conference/vacation. The hotel has a gym and a pool, plus if weather cooperates, I’d love to do a little jogging around the river walk. All things considered, I always feel like I get a good amount of exercise sightseeing… particularly with my kiddo in tow! Since she loves to walk and run as much as I do, we’re not bothering to bring a stroller. I’ll bring my TULA toddler carrier and wear her on my back if I need to.

This weekend, I believe I will be solo for my long run. I am thinking of repeating 8 miles, but this time attempting the entire distance at about a 10 minute/mile tempo.


Running laps means I can leave the fuel belt at home. But I realized last minute I was out of clean water bottles. So I rigged up this interesting solution… At least nobody stole it from the picnic shelter while I was out running!

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