Running across the city at night

There are the simple rituals which build anticipation for the gifts of silence and mindfulness. Taking off the worn work clothes, and putting on the uniform of cool wicking fabrics. Tying up the laces on running shoes and indulgently wiggling toes in a spacious toe box. Tucking locks of hair under a headlamp, closing the door, and watching the first puff of breath illuminated under the bright, white light.

I ran 5 miles across my favorite neighborhoods last night, drinking up the city blocks. Each minute that passed satiated and soothed. The sidewalks sparkled with ice and frost, and Orion glittered above me. I let the stressors free. IRB applications for two universities, management responsibilities at work, students in crisis… they drifted away. I return to my work and my life with fresh eyes. I am centered.

The 10K is this Saturday, and I look forward to my first race of 2015.

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