The Best Self

When I am in regular running practice, I feel like I am the best version of myself. I do not mean that I feel that I look “best” or weigh “best” or that my speed is “best.” I mean that I feel mentally and emotionally grounded. I approach my work day with a hop in my step. Problems do not seem insurmountable. I sleep at night.

I am dipping my toe back in distance running… my fondest practice. 10K is in a week and a half, and I am repeating the Whidbey Island Half Marathon this spring. Although the thought of running another marathon, to be honest, made me recoil last year, I find that my heart is appreciatively open to tackling the 26.2 once again in 2015 (perhaps I am a biennial marathoner?).

This current cold and dark season is gifting me generously with opportunities to run. Health (knock on wood) is relatively good–with minimal time spend fighting colds. Running buddies are excellent and just the extra peer motivation I need to keep up my practice. A new headlamp is helping me see much better on night runs. Big, daring race goals are keeping the expectations high and the anticipation humming.

Yes, I enjoy being my best self. Here is to another year of running.

2 thoughts on “The Best Self

  1. Here! Here! I have been training for 2 long races since August. One was in December and one is mid-February. While I do feel like I need a break… it’s not a break from running I need. Running makes me feel like my best self, too. Maybe my mileage will be cut way back for a good long while after this race is over (maybe for a short while… who knows?) – but I know I don’t want to stop running altogether.

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