Updates, updates

It is rainy, in the mid 60’s, and the leaves are red. Fall is here. My absolute favorite season (especially for running!).

A few notes:

-Half marathon training continues to go well. I am feeling very prepared for a smooth and enjoyable race day next weekend. Training for a half after training for a marathon transformed my love of half marathons into steadfast obsession. I have several friends running in this event. It will be a fun and joyous day.

-I am doing a capsule wardrobe challenge (Project 333) for the next three months. I am winding down to the end of week one. I love it. It’s made my life ten times less stressful in the morning, and I always feel put together and like I am looking good.

-We are closing in on the third week of a fiscal fast. We decided that for the month of September, we wouldn’t buy anything that wasn’t on the bottom level of our hierarchy of needs (groceries, preschool tuition, gas to drive to work). Let me tell you, I cannot believe how much money we were wasting on… I don’t even know what. What I love about this particular challenge is how quickly we are seeing a benefit and how that incentive is making this much more than a month long challenge. It’s a lifestyle change. Will I ever buy something impulsively again? Of course. But my neurons are mapped a little differently now.

-A consequence of the fiscal fast is that we are continuing to prepare most all of our foods from whole ingredients. It’s been a month without take-out, for the most part. Our bodies are much healthier!

-I am a few weeks into the second semester of my doctoral program, working full time, and actually feeling pretty balanced.

-We are singing a lovely repertoire for our December chorus concert. I can tell I’ve been running a lot lately because I can sustain my breath for very long passages and my range is better this season than it was last spring.

I look forward to hydrating, resting, and keeping myself tuned up for the half marathon in the next 8 days…

Happy Friday!

fx 15

Already sporting my Halloween colors at last weekend’s 15K