New Shoes

After a year of running my New Balance shoes ragged with many training runs and races, including a marathon, I finally bought a new pair of shoes. I realized I needed one when I started rotating in a pair of Mizunos (Wave Precision 13) for about half of my runs. Sadly, both shoes were losing their bounce and support. After running ten miles yesterday, I really felt my pair of New Balance shoes quit on me. They are retired, never to run again, but perhaps to make the odd appearance in the garden while weeding! I have tried many brands of shoes, but I remain faithful to Mizuno. Their shoes are just perfect for my long narrow foot and provide a ton of stability and cushion for longer runs on trails. I am getting a pair of the Wave Ascend 8 model, and I am really excited! Running shoes are typically expensive, but I scored a killer deal.

I also finally broke down a bought “sport” detergent for my running clothes. They smell positively disgusting. I will have to report back on whether or not this special detergent does the trick. I know my body odor is not the most attractive topic for a blog post, but hey… it’s part of our realities as runners.

Training continues to go very well. No aches and pains so far (knock on wood). I will not have the time to log as many miles this week with a conference-bound partner and then a visit with family out of town this weekend. I will do my best to fit in several shorter runs.