In the summertime when the weather is hot

I will attempt to recap the last week of running, which was really quite spectacular. While the university I work for is headed toward final exams, summer semester of my doctoral courses is just picking up. Therefore, I made the simple goal for the week of transition to get out there and run.

On Sunday, I did something new. I went out and participated in a 4 mile trail run race at Deception Pass; the really beautiful stretch/bridge between the mainland and Whidbey Island. The run had quite a bit of fluctuation in elevation and highly variable terrain, from rocky hills to sandy beaches. It was one of the more difficult races I’ve done, but by far the most beautiful. I will definitely be back next year for this event.

A picture of the view during part of the race… we eventually made our way up to the bridge and then looped back through the woods to get back to the finish line at one of the beaches.


The whole family came out to cheer me on. I was pretty spent after the race, but really proud that I finished strong. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I ran back-to-back 3.5 mile distances through my neighborhood. The weather is just sublime right now, and it is so fun to enjoy the sunshine after working all day. Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day locked up in my office at home completing reading and coursework, so the opportunity to run with some buddies was fantastic. I run with a few wonderful women every Wednesday, and we spent last night’s run discussing goals for the summer. We are looking at a 7 mile trail run at the end of July, which I am very excited about.

Monday marks Week One of half marathon training. I am following a structured plan that is very similar to what I used for training for the full marathon last summer. Because I am running often and regularly, I feel my strength coming back. I had a lot of energy after my run last night and probably could have gone a few more miles. I know I am doing well when I start to have that feeling after runs!

I feel so fortunate to hold the treasure of running practice in my life. It makes all of the tasks at hand–parenting, pursuing my doctorate, working in my career–seem manageable and approachable.