Running over the long weekend

On Saturday I ran 5 miles of trail with the running buddy who is training with me for the Bellingham Bay half. It was really sweaty and rejuvenating. Yesterday, I had the day off from work, so I went for a run through the neighborhood and found a new route that amounts to exactly 5K. It is very lovely and mostly shaded, which will be nice for warmer summer days. The weekend was very exciting and productive. My baby turned three–what a remarkable milestone! It seems like yesterday that I was up all hours of the night and morning nursing a tiny piglet to sleep. Now she is big and strong and can often outrun me! I also read through several hundred pages of research for my literature review and I organized and cleaned our study. It took us two years in this house, but our study is now finally a peaceful retreat for reading, writing, grading, and any other work that needs to be done. It is nice to have one room dedicated to these tasks with minimal distractions. I forgot how lovely the light is, particularly in the summer, when the southwest sunshine hits the room in the afternoon.

I hope to log a few shorter runs this week. This Sunday, I am participating in a trail running race.

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