Monday, Monday

Hello! Sorry for a blogging hiatus… I have been fighting just about the nastiest cold I can remember. I had a barking cough for a week and a half, which I finally went to the doctor for because I wasn’t sleeping at all. As soon as that subsided, the congestion settled into my sinuses, and, I am still a bit drippy this week. But getting sleep! And for that, I am grateful.

Yesterday was a big deal because I laced up my shoes and ran a mile! I did not feel 100%, but getting outside for a short run helped me feel so much more relaxed. When I can’t run, I am not the best version of myself. Here’s to hoping the recovery keeps chugging on this week and that I can run more than one mile in a few day’s time.


After the victory mile. I love crunching through the leaves.

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