Post-Marathon run, a world of good

I went on a fun 3-mile run yesterday morning. It was a conclusion of my week of rest, and the beginning of getting myself into gear for the Seattle Half in less than two months. I am working on shortening my mile time a bit, back to where it was in the spring. When I started training for the marathon, my miles became longer as I reconfigured my approach for running 16, 18, 20 miles. Now I do not need to worry so much about running for 4 hours, so I can burn a bit more energy earlier. The other thing I am trying to do is balance running on pavement with running on trails (my preference and tendency is to do mostly trails) because Seattle is a road race, and also to incorporate rolling hills, since Seattle is hilly.

Running felt really good yesterday. I do not have any injuries from the marathon, which reinforces that gradual training is really the way to go. Also, can I just say how fun it was to run just three miles? Even though long runs produce that meditative state that I can’t quite capture during shorter runs, I am enjoying the novelty of not being gone more than 30 minutes. I am going out again this evening, since my partner will be at a conference the second half of the week. Got to fit in the workouts.


Oh, pavement. I don’t enjoy you, but I will deal with it.

4 thoughts on “Post-Marathon run, a world of good

  1. Good to hear that your post-marathon running is going well.

    I have a question. What’s the approximate road/trail breakdown of the Bellingham Bay Marathon?

    • It’s like 25 miles of road and 1 mile of trail. If I were to train for it again, I would do much more road running in preparation and less trail running (although trails are my wholehearted preference).

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