Scratchy Throat Thursday

Oy vey, I am coming down with another cold. Or, perhaps the cold I willed myself to health from last week. Sickness after a marathon is a well-documented phenomenon. Long distance running suppresses the immune system. Yet another reason I am welcoming a season of shorter distances.

Regardless of this cold business, I am looking forward to a short trail run this weekend. Saturday is supposed to be clear, crisp and sunny, so I think I will go run one of my favorite lakes.

Since the temperatures are dropping, I am gradually breaking out my winter gear. Everything is helplessly stinky, but there is a wonderful realization that I am a dedicated enough runner that I am actually revisiting seasons in my running and re-wearing clothes. Some of my favorite pieces are my neon green turtleneck and my black fleece long underwear pants, pictured here:

In other news, I am starting to get really excited about the Seattle Half Marathon in just 2 months!! This race is pretty close to my heart and it will be the third year I am participating (the first time I did it I was pregnant and registered as a walker). Just as I am enjoying the novelty of rediscovering my running clothes from a year ago, I am pleased that I am now in the habit of repeating and revisiting races each year. It is gratifying to compare the experiences and gain awareness of my own growth as a runner.

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