Now what?

I am still on Cloud Nine from completing the marathon yesterday! I think I’ll be glowing from this for a long time.

Now that September is ending and the four months of very structured marathon training are behind me, it’s time to look at some fall running goals.

This fall, I have three goals:

1. Run the Amica Seattle Half Marathon and best my time from last year. The race is on December 1st, so I have exactly 2 months to train.

2. Run no more than 20 miles a week; aim to average 15 miles a week. There is no reason to exceed 9 mile long runs when training for a half marathon. I’d like to run 3-4 times/week.

3. Run to stay mentally and physically healthy–Beyond work and family life, I have a lot going on this season. I just started a second master’s degree, so I am back in classes. I also have a chorus concert in December. I need to keep my immune system strong!

What are your fall running goals?



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