Fall is coming!

No big updates; tapering is going well. This Saturday I am running a 15K race, and then running another 15K on Sunday to support the last long run that my running buddy is doing in preparation for her half marathon. The summer is hanging on, so it will be a sunny and warm weekend for running. However… the leaves are changing and… FALL IS COMING!

I am inspired by Stephanie’s recent blog post on Fall. As a fellow adorer of this season, I’d love to take a moment to get excited about it.


Whee! Fall! I am excited for:

-Running on a foggy morning.

-Decayed leaves decorating the trails.


-Cool temperatures.

-The smell of chimney smoke in the evenings.

-Replenishing my glycogen stores with pumpkin bread and pumpkin ale.



4 thoughts on “Fall is coming!

    • It’s in Bellingham, WA. Training has had ups and downs, but I did the long runs and most of the midweek runs and now I am looking ahead to a great race experience.

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