Week 15: Pass the Kleenex and Chocolate

It’s Tuesday, which means no running tonight, just some fun at Zumba class. I did my first run of Week 15 yesterday–tons of hills. It was a little challenging because I was still a bit sore from the 18-mile run on Saturday. But I made it to the end and I am happy I went. I feel much better today and ready to dance this evening.

I’ve entered the really mushy phase of marathon training. I am oddly emotional about this seemingly interminable time coming to a close. It’s September, the leaves are changing, I can so clearly remember where my thoughts were exactly one year ago as I prepared to run my first half marathon.

I remember seeing this meme around the time I started training for this marathon:

The thing is, I am like a lady in the last weeks of her pregnancy these days. I am simultaneously consumed with the timing of the birth and how it will go down, and mourning the end of this once-in-a-lifetime stage. Training for my very first marathon. I know I’ve slacked with blogging lately, but believe me when I write that these last 15 weeks have been life altering and so very dear to me. I cherish them. I have so much more respect for myself and so much more respect for The Marathon.

See? I told you I was on a nostalgia bender…

To make matters worse, I picked up the book Sole Sisters over the weekend, and I am indulging all of my feelings by reading what is, essentially, Chicken Soup for the Woman Runner’s Soul. Running is such a large part of how I am coming into my own as an adult woman, partner, mother, friend… it is this anchor of my identity now. And the handful of quality friendships I am blessed to be a part of that incorporate running as a shared journey are simply priceless. When two or three women run together, they can accomplish anything. I really believe this. Despite my introverted tendency toward solitude, I am so so very grateful for my running buddies and also just for random women who give me a wave along the trail or get pumped with me before the start of a race. I am looking forward to downshifting my distance a bit this fall and running more often with company. It’s an entirely different and worthwhile experience.

I re-watched the NOVA Marathon Challenge episode. The last time I watched it was right before the half marathon last September. I loved it, but felt disconnected from the story in some ways. This time, I cried a lot. Particularly when the last runners crossed that blue and yellow finish line in the heart of Boston.

Whew, there you are. I am a wreck. However, I intend to kick butt running 20 miles in just a few short days. It’s going to be a great way to end the chapter on these long weeks of training.

2 thoughts on “Week 15: Pass the Kleenex and Chocolate

  1. Sole Sisters
    NOVA Marathon Challenge
    Enlighten me!
    So glad that you are enjoying/cherishing this journey. It is such an amazingly difficult thing to endure, and yet… in doing so… we find ourselves and so much more! I love it. 🙂

  2. Oh goodness! There must be something in the air– I’ve been feeling a little weepy and emotional these last few days myself (like I even briefly considered taking a pregnancy test-ehhh!).
    Anyways,this lovely post made me want to run with you! Maybe we can do a little taper run together in the coming weeks. 🙂

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