I ran with a friend!

My running buddy took me along for an 8 mile run yesterday, and it was a fantastic way to wrap up the week. I was traveling around last weekend, so I had to run piecemeal, but I am really happy with the 8 miles. It was a good physical and mental detox. I realize after a run how much better I feel about everything… it just demolishes stress.

One more week of slightly altered training, and then back to the grindstone for the next several weeks. I am looking forward to getting some more long runs under my belt; especially with September approaching rapidly.

My goal this week is to eat whole and non-disruptive foods. I have a sensitive gut, and while I am all for eating dirty and running hard, I am having some flareups of digestive issues that I need to address in order to run comfortably. So, cutting back a bit of dairy, greasy take-out, coffee consumption (beyond the 1-2 cups a day I need!), and looking at how I can add more water, whole produce, and hearty grains and proteins. Starting tonight by cooking our homegrown zucchini with some yams and chicken.

I will try to read up on Week 12 this evening so that I can share some insights later in the week.

3 thoughts on “I ran with a friend!

  1. Good for you! We made the big move this weekend and I think I’ve been living on burritos and cookies for the last week. My goal (starting tomorrow and not tonight of course) is also to eat better. I also ran 7 miles this morning in the name of the half marathon. I think I’ll make it, though I felt like I was running forever and a half… hard to imagine how your long runs are feeling lately!

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