Still here, still running, no big updates…

I have not been a great blogger these past few weeks. Training is going… well, it’s going. I am putting in my time and probably could put in more if all conditions were ideal, but I am swamped at work and looking at two consecutive weekends of traveling. The leaves are starting to change a bit, and it reminds me that fall is coming. Next month! Which means the marathon is moving into view!

I drank a lot of water yesterday, and felt the impact during my evening run. Hydration is so important, and for some reason it is still one of my big challenges. I should be drinking water like I drink coffee at work, and then I would be golden. I am running on trails as much as I possibly can–to keep cool in the August heat (we’re wimps out here in the Pacific Northwest), and to treat my joints with kindness.

If you are a Runner’s World subscriber, the Newbie Chronicles editorial for the September 2013 issue is amazing. I wish I could link it here, but it’s not available online yet as far as I can tell. Put up your feet, have a beer, and read the article. I think you will enjoy some chuckles.

Wishing you all a great weekend! Stay cool and stay hydrated!

2 thoughts on “Still here, still running, no big updates…

  1. I haven’t read the article yet but I’ll be sure to check it out! I wish I could blog more than once a week, but it is so difficult!
    One thing that helps me drink lots of water is my giant starbucks tumbler with a straw. I am a ‘bored’ eater, so having a straw makes me drink lots and lots of water every day. You should try it!

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