14 Miles–Complete!

I did it! I ran 14 miles on Saturday… and I kept up my 10 min/mile pace through the entire endeavor. Very happy! I don’t have a lot of time to write today, but just a few thoughts right now:

-Running 14 definitely changed my perspective to believing I can run a marathon.

-My longest run (18 miles), is just 4 more miles than what I ran on Saturday. That seems really doable.

-I willed myself to achieving flow multiple times. It was incredible.

Tweaking the training schedule I initially posted at the very beginning of this journey because I flipped back to the beginning of my book and realized I somehow miscalculated the days. So this Saturday will be a 16-mile run, not a repeat 14-mile. And although I initially felt that I should best the book by making my longest run 20 instead of 18, I am no longer doing that. I will trust the book and now also feel that 18 (two times in a row) will be enough for me to build necessary strength and endurance while keeping me energized for race day.

I am now in the second half of training and while there are some long runs ahead, there is also tapering (!!) to look forward to. Oh yeah, and the marathon of course!

I hope to be back tomorrow with some thoughts on Week 9.


3 thoughts on “14 Miles–Complete!

  1. The group I am training with on the Galloway method will run up to 29 miles. I will have only ran 23 by the time my marathon in October comes around (they are training for a later marathon). I thought it was strange since most marathon plans have you go up to 20, but I think mentally, I will feel much better after 23. Keep it up!

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