Race Recap: See Jane Run Half Marathon

I wrapped up Week 6 of training by running a the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle. It was a lovely race–well organized, and the weather was sublime. Not too hot, but sunny and warm and it was a pleasure to run alongside Lake Union glimmering and shimmering on a beautiful July morning.

This was the first time I ran a race of this distance with a cold. I was a bit worried on Friday, and as things got worse on Saturday, I actually promised myself that I wouldn’t run on Sunday morning if I woke up feeling too gross. I was relatively congested on Sunday, but I decided to go ahead and run the half anyway. I decided to just take it slow and easy.

Miles 1-5 went by relatively quickly. The adrenaline and endorphins from the running acted as a decongestant, and I was feeling pretty good by the 5 mile mark. The race was very flat, and mostly pavement. Occasionally there was an opportunity to run on trail surfaces, and I relished that. I wore my hydration pack and drank a few tablespoons of Nuun about every half mile. Additionally, I drank both water and Gatorade at every hydration station (about every 1.5 miles).

At the halfway point, I consumed some GU and started to slow down just a little bit. My miles went from 10 minute miles to 11 minute miles. I allowed myself to walk a bit here and there as I needed to.

Around Mile 8, I got a second wind and had a fairly pleasant run for a few miles. Miles 11-13 were a dusty and warm out-and-back with fairly industrial scenery on one side and the ship canal on the other. I really struggled through the last few miles, even though my pace remained at around 11 min/mile. Because my long run for Week 6 was really supposed to be 11 miles, I was just kind of checked out after Mile 11. Additionally, my cold was catching up with me after running for 2 hours. I kept drinking and kept slogging away until I made it back to Gasworks park (finish line). I was surprised by how I involuntarily became emotional and tingling as I ran toward the finish line. I assume I will be used to finishing a half marathon, that the novelty will fade, but finishing this one felt as incredible as ever. I am proud of myself for powering through the race and wrapping up Week 6. I also know that, no matter how nervous I am about the marathon in September, I will be healthier and feel better that morning than I did yesterday! If I could run a half marathon with gnarly head cold, I can run a marathon.

I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss Week 7. I started reading the chapter about it last night but fell asleep a few pages in. Today I am taking a full rest day (and eating soup and drinking lots of tea), and will hopefully start my Week 7 runs tomorrow.


I saw quite a few fellow Half Fanatics yesterday! What a fun source of encouragement during a race.

10 thoughts on “Race Recap: See Jane Run Half Marathon

  1. You amaze me with your determination, strength and resilience! Marathon running in itself is a challenge, but balancing that with full time career, two-year-old daughter and cat named Golda, is nothing short of remarkable. Of course, you’re blessed to have your wonderful husband Andrew, who helps in every way. We love you, Anna!

  2. Congrats! I’m also surprised you were emotional! I cried when I saw my husband at the finish line during my half marathon. I would think you’d be ‘over it’ now, but I have a feeling I would have become emotional again as well. Keep it up!

  3. Nicely done! I had to run the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon with a severe cold back in 2011. It’s tough to not be feeling well, yet still get out there and race 13.1 miles. Well done! You should be thrilled.

  4. Wow! Great job under less-than-ideal circumstances, to say the least! You deserve a day’s rest and any food or slurpy item that sounds tasty to you!!!
    Feel better! Kick that cold!

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