Marathon Training: Week 7

Creeping up on the halfway mark… oh yeah!

I’m wrapping up Week 6 with a half marathon on Sunday. I am glad it’s on Sunday and not tomorrow (Saturday is typically my long run day) because on Wednesday I started coming down with a cold. My goal for today and tomorrow is to drink a lot of water and tea, consume hearty amounts of garlic, and hope for the best. Really, the thought of running a half with a slight cold doesn’t really worry me. It might be a bit tedious, but, meh–I’ll be okay.

I am playing around with how the runs are distributed during Week 7 because I will be out of town for the first part of Week 8. So I need to cram recovery time from Week 7’s run in with an earlier long run for Week 8. Plan for Week 7:

Monday: Easy 3, at a recovery tempo

Wednesday: 6

Friday: 4

Saturday: 13

Week 7 is the last week of running previously accomplished distances. Week 8 will be my first ever 14-mile run. And, I have to say that while that seemed immensely daunting in the beginning of this journey, I am warming up to the idea that I very well may survive to tell you about the run.

Wish me luck on my half this Sunday. There will be lots of sweat, and lots of snot. Next week I’ll recap that one a bit and start psyching myself up for new frontiers… Happy Friday!


A few days ago I got even more chopped off!


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