Training in Warmer Weather

Yesterday I enjoyed a fantastic and easy 4 mile run. It was a great way to welcome Week 6. Now that 4 is my new 3, and 5 is my new 4, I don’t dislike the 4-mile distance as much. Makes sense, right? Sunday I get to run a half marathon and I am so excited! Okay, moving on to my topic…

Running is slowly helping me to overcome my aversion to shorts. Two-thirds of the year, I am dressing for dark and cold weather. I remember wearing full-length running tights under fleece leggings in the dead of winter several months ago. Summer is here, however, and it is a steadily warm and clear (some years we have very cold summers). It’s time to shed some layers and run in cool comfort.

Here are some clothing items I like for summer:

1. Long Shorts. My good friend owns these, and they are phenomenally flattering. I love these Danskin bike shorts–they are great for running and also provide good coverage.

2. Breathable Singlets. I am obsessed with my new singlet from Janji. My favorite running t-shirt is also from this company. Great quality clothes and profits go to admirable causes. It’s a win-win.

3. Quality Socks. I love my SmartWool socks. They treat my sweaty and tired feet so gently. No blisters. No raw spots. When I am going on a shorter run or cross training, I am loyal to my cheap and numerous Champion socks from Target. I did not expect these socks to be wonderful, but I really like them and they have never caused me problems.

4. Hydration belt. I love this hydration pack. I wear it with the bottles/pack on the small of my back and I don’t even notice it is on.

5. And where would I be without my Mizuno shoes? I am on my third pair now. Also, I feel one degree closer to the awesomeness that is Wendy Davis.

What summer gear is a must for your training?

One thought on “Training in Warmer Weather

  1. In the summer my favorite thing to bring on a run is WATER. I am also sure to body glide the you-know-what out of anything that might rub against anything else!

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