Marathon Training: Week 5

Tomorrow morning I will complete Week 4 with a long run (8 miles).

During Week 5, the long run jumps up to 10 miles. That means two episodes of This American Life! Podcasts are quickly becoming my favorite entertainment during long runs.

Monday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: 5 miles

Saturday: 10 miles

I am taking advantage of Thursday’s holiday (no work) and completing my 5 mile run at that time. Wednesday will be a stroller run, but 3 miles is a great distance with the stroller. Saturday will be a great opportunity to train with a fuel belt.


6 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 5

  1. Good luck with your long run! My first marathon is in October, and I also need to do an 8 mile run at the weekend. 🙂

    • It’s engaging without being distracting… it’s like listening to somebody tell a very interesting story–I just relax, listen, keep running, and basically never get tempted to look at my watch 🙂

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