Hump Day Update

Just a quick check-in from Week 4… I am 3 runs down. Just the long run (8 miles) left, which I will complete on Saturday. Today I went for a 6 mile trail run (it was supposed to be 5, but I went on a longer trail) with the jogging stroller. I rarely run with the stroller because it is so difficult! Today was definitely a challenge. However, when we came home, my daughter proudly proclaimed “I went running with mama!” and that made it entirely worth it.

Wednesdays I am home and away from the office for the summer, so I foresee many more stroller runs to come as I fit in those mid-week miles.

Midway through the trail run. By the end I was pouring sweat!

5 thoughts on “Hump Day Update

  1. Wow! Great work. 🙂 Definitely impressed. Also excited to see Ellen’s new four legged friend.

    Yesterday I signed up for the Bham half yesterday! Sounds like a long way right now. Ha!

  2. Welcome to the sweat club! I pour sweat even when running in the cold winter months. But it makes me feel so satisfied and like I’m working hard. I also get beet red.

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