Marathon Training: Week 4

I wrapped up Week 3 this morning with a 7 mile trail run. Phew! It was hilly, but so beautiful and green that I was a teensy bit sorry when I got back to the trail head that it was over. My cold is barely noticeable now, and the scratchiness in my throat is much better than it was yesterday. I am headed into this next week of training feeling strong and ready to tackle increased mileage.

This week is significant in that the mid-length run has more distance added to it (after three weeks of remaining at 4 miles). It’s a little bit daunting, but at the same time I sort of dislike 4 mile runs. They are longer than an easy jog, but you don’t overcome the initial hump that you do in a longer run. You kind of end right when you are hitting the wall. So, I intend to welcome the longer mid-week run with open arms and an open mind.

The plan for Week 4:

Sunday: 3 miles

Monday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: Pool

Saturday: 8 miles

For my long run this week, I am going to run from my house to the start of a charity 5K for literacy I try to run annually and run that race. So 5 miles to the start (just worked out that way!) and then 3 miles for the race. Done, and with a bit of excitement to get me through the last few miles.

For now, I am thankful to be feeling healthy. I am thankful for my Garmin and NPR pod casts. I am glad I went out and did my long run even after feeling less than enthusiastic after a crappy run on Wednesday. Just keep on keepin’ on…

Happy Friday!

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