Running for Energy

The last few days I was in a funk. Perhaps the emotional exhaustion of the academic year is finally weighing on me. These transitions from the school year to summer are always challenging for me; I go from operating at full capacity to a seemingly empty campus over the course of one week and it is always a bit chaotic.

During cross-training on Tuesday evening, I vowed to get my mid-length run in on Wednesday morning before work. But yesterday morning, I slept too late. I was tired. I was tired all of yesterday, dragging my feet and struggling to keep my attention present. I got home and I knew what I had to do… lace up those running shoes, no exceptions. No excuses allowed.

I ended up enjoying a blissful and relaxing 4-mile run that showered me with plenty of quality time in The Zone letting everything go, running without hindrances or hang-ups, simply flowing through the practice. It was such an unexpected delight. When I got home, I was no longer tired and felt much better.

Today I am doing my cross training in the pool, tomorrow I am running 3 miles, and Saturday I will complete Week 2 of marathon training with a long run (6 miles).

What are your tricks for getting in a run when you are dragging?

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