I completed a 3 mile run last night. I need to do my long run (5 miles) for the week, and then I will have week one under my belt. The weather is gorgeous, and yesterday I did one of my favorite routes which is a loop that goes by the harbor.

My running practice is a bit different lately in that I mostly run alone these days. When I look back to the winter, I realize I ran with other people frequently. I think that running with other people was a great incentive to keep going. Why are the buddy runs nonexistent these days? I think it comes down to two things: current goal and schedule. I don’t know anybody else who is training for a marathon and following this specific program (a friend about 2 hours away from where I live is doing a variation on this training–so we can support each other at a distance but not run together). I could complete some of my shorter runs with buddies, but it seems like my schedule is rather unforgiving. I’m either going early in the morning or after work. Running at dinnertime is not everybody’s cup of tea. Honestly, I feel like I am not trying as hard to make group runs happen because I don’t need it as much right now. The time with myself has been a good foundation for developing some inner strength and drive to carry me the next 16 weeks. I ran the Portland half alone and it was the first time I started a race like that without a friend in the corral with me. The solitude of that experience was different but not unpleasant. And although I don’t have regular running buddies on my training runs these days, I do have fantastic support people around like my Running Buddy, who keeps me company during cross training and my husband, who is amazing.

What is your ideal support system? Is it enough to know you have people hanging in there with you in whatever form they can, or do you like to run and train with a partner regularly?


Sweaty after my run in the sun yesterday. Wearing my Half Fanatic shirt, which is quite possibly my favorite piece of clothing I own (I had to run a lot of races for that shirt!). Street cred, oh yeah.

2 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Oh I love the shirt! I find my running to be very internally motivated and I don’t have much trouble lacing up and getting out for my runs (except for when injuries prevent it). But despite the internal motivation, I really thrive off a few supportive folks (yourself included) who I can talk to about my training and running. It helps me to process and reflect on my running practice and i think most importantly challenge me to push myself and believe in my body.

  2. I’m torn. I do love to run with Glenn… and I often wish I had someone to run with, but I always find I’m nervous that other people will think I’m too slow. On the other hand, I kind of long for that running-friendship.

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