National Running Day!

I guess today is National Running Day! I will celebrate by completing my mid-week training run, which is 3 miles for this week.

What are you doing to celebrate???

I thought it would be fun to answer this quiz from Hungry Running Girl.

1.  On average how many races do you run a year?

I would say at least one race per month 🙂 I blame the running club 🙂

2.  Head accessories, things you have to run with:  a hat, a visor, sunglasses, chapstick, sunscreen, head band, ponytail, braids, sweat band?

Usually a ponytail holder is sufficient for me, but a hat can be great for sun and rain. I do not run with sunglasses.

3.  Where do your workouts come from?  A training plan, a coach, whatever you feel like doing that day or what your training partner is doing that day?

I am a nerd and enjoy the research phase of any goal almost as much as the execution of the endeavor. I read books, blogs, web tutorials. When I want to try something, I just go for it! My running buddy has been a great support in trying new activities, like zumba, pool running, track workouts, etc.

4.  How many miles on average do you put on a pair of shoes?


5.  Cell phone=  do you bring it with you on your run or leave it at home?

I bring it with me for safety reasons.

6.  What was your last running related injury or have you been an injury free runner?

My IT band issues during April and May were my first injury that required attention beyond rest. Now I do my donkey kicks, pelvic lifts, and deep lunges every day. Religiously!

7.  Is your current running goal about running a farther distance (adding more mileage) or getting faster or BOTH?!?

Running a farther distance. I couldn’t give a stale cracker about speed right now.

8.  Speedwork—->  at the track, on the treadmill, on the roads or never do it?

I have engaged in some speedwork, but I am just not that into it.

9.  Stretching after a run:  hit the ground after a run and get stretching, stretch in the shower, stretch once you get to work/school, skip the stretching?

I stretch immediately after, and then I stretch again after a hot shower.

10.  What was your reason(S) for starting to run?

Some people meditate, some people journal, some people garden, I run. It just makes me feel good on the inside and outside.

One thought on “National Running Day!

  1. Fantastic! New follower 🙂
    I love your honesty (stale cracker! Ha!) and your enthusiasm.
    I took the quiz as well and I’m not a speedwork girl either.

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