Saying Hi

I haven’t been blogging much because I committed to 2 weeks of good rest between the Portland half and the start of marathon training. It’s been a productive rest. I am doing a lot of strengthening exercises for my glutes to prevent IT band issues. I’m stretching a lot. I am walking and going to Zumba and water jogging…

Originally I had picked 6/3 as the first day of marathon training, seeing as it is a Monday. But given the chaos that is my work schedule for the next two weeks as the spring term comes to a close, I decided to start this Saturday, 6/1, in order to give myself a full week to complete the three short runs and the one longer run.

Now, back to a few more days of rest…


One thought on “Saying Hi

  1. I am truly looking forward to following your progress through training for this marathon. šŸ™‚

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