During the winter, I became very good about intentionally drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated. I found that I was far less prone to headaches and exhaustion when I was drinking the right amount of water.

I’ve fallen behind on this, and now that the weather is warming, I really need to keep myself on track. I am doing two things to make my hydration intentions easier to achieve. First, I fill my morning coffee mug with water and drink the entire thing before filling the mug with coffee. Second, I keep a water bottle on my work desk, front and center, and remember to fill and drink it once before the noon hour, and once before I leave for home.

Happy Long Weekend!



One thought on “Hydration

  1. Those are good tips ~ especially the water in the coffee mug idea.
    I like to drink from a cup that has a straw. For whatever reason I drink much more than I do out of water bottles I have to unscrew to drink.

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