Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Recap


I made it! And yes, my daughter is wearing a tiny track suit 🙂

Coming out of a rocky month with ITB issues, lots of resting, and low mileage accumulation, I was a bit nervous about this race. I am pleased to say that I was able to run the entire distance and my finishing time was only 4 minutes short of my half marathon PR. Most importantly, like Whidbey Island (and even more so), I really enjoyed the experience of running this race and the minutes/miles just flew by. At no point did I get into the head space of “Can I be done now?”

I found my groove shortly after mile 4, as I usually do in races this length, battled some rolling hills on miles 6-9, enjoyed a pleasant downhill in the last mile or so.

The race was very well-organized, and I stayed hydrated and fueled by GU throughout. The race had great energy. People were excited to be out and running this course. Because it was a half marathon only, the energy was even more concentrated within this one event. Before the starting horn, we took a moment of silence for Boston. It was an excellent reminder to enjoy the opportunity of that day and finish strong.

As my confidence in my ability to run a half marathon without becoming utterly exhausted increases, I feel more and more excited about marathon training. I feel like the half marathon is a distance I now understand how to tackle, both physically and psychologically. I know how to coach myself through a race of that length of duration, and I know that this foundation will serve me during marathon training and the marathon itself.

Where am I now? I am two weeks away from beginning marathon training. I am taking these two weeks to rest my body as much as possible. If I want to go running for fun, I will keep it short and leisurely. I am going to revisit my running books and cement my training plan. I am going to enjoy the lull before some very taxing months.

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