Ministry of Silly Walks

Yesterday I went for a very interesting run. It was a beautiful evening, so I did my easy 3 mile loop down to the harbor and then back up to the house. However, I was feeling a little tight in my muscles, but also a bit short on time and patience (there was a pot of curried chick peas and veggies waiting for me at home!!!). So, at the end of each mile (and I knew exactly when because of my beautiful and beloved Garmin), I did some dynamic stretching and warm-ups. Yes, I was the woman goose-stepping by all of those sail boats!

All in all, it was a pleasant “easy 3” with some good stretching involved. I came home energized from the sunshine and feeling much looser and more relaxed and I slept wonderfully. Bonus: the curry was quite delicious.

Within the next few days I need to finalize my race day outfit for the RNR half, stock up on my fuel of choice, create a fresh and exciting playlist on my iPod, and drink lots of water and eat lots of good nourishing foods.

Happy Hump Day!


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