Running Mantra

Do you have a running mantra? Preparing for the half marathon this Sunday, I am thinking of two in particular that seem to dominate during my longer runs:

“Push Through”

“You’ve Got This One”

Interestingly, these were very similar to some of the phrases my husband used to coach me through a natural labor and birth! I think there are definite similarities between birth and a long run. You know both will end, but you don’t know how. You go inside of your self. It’s a spiritual experience. You are a changed person afterward. You want to tell the story to anybody who will listen. After a time, the details fade, but the milestone is always memorable…

Most importantly, any pain or soreness you felt is soon forgotten and you find yourself signing up to do it again. Eh, well… perhaps that one is a bit easier to do with a race than a child 🙂

Another thing I try to do while running a race is smile as much as I can and make authentic eye contact with volunteers and bystanders. Saying “hello” in this way definitely keeps me motivated to continue.

What’s your mantra?

What do you do during a race to keep going?

One thought on “Running Mantra

  1. I have a few mantras for running. The first one, the one that gets me out the door and through the first mile is “Don’t get the diabetes”. It is funny but serious. Diabetes runs (no pun intended) in my family and part of staying healthy for me is knowing I am paying attention to some potential future health hazards and making strides (again, no pun intended) to keep away from them. My mantra once I get rolling is usually “You are amazing”. It makes me stand taller, take a deep breath, and believe in both my physical body and my internal tenacity to keep going and to listen to what my body needs. It reminds me that whether walking to recover or running hard I am still accomplishing something and making the right choice for me.

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