The woods in May

Yesterday I shifted gears and went for a family hike in the woods rather than running through them. There is nothing like the woods in May here in Western Washington. The green is brilliant, and the air hangs with a dew throughout the day. Even the skunk cabbage blooms coyly through the pond lilies, hungry for slivers of sunlight. The air was warm enough that the recent rainfall started to steam up from the trails blanketed by pine needles.

I got good exercise, of course, packing an additional 30 pounds on my back.

Also, my wonderful husband gifted me with an amazing new toy for Mother’s Day. Really, the best jewelry there is:

Mama got a green Garmin! Oh, I am so in love. I can hardly wait to take it on a maiden voyage tonight for my after-work run around the neighborhood.

My plan this week is to get a few 3-4 mile runs in and to go to the pool at least once before heading down to Portland on Saturday for the half, which is Sunday morning. My intentions this week are to eat well, sleep well, stay healthy and keep an ear close to my knee.

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “The woods in May

  1. We’re Garmin-twins!
    Your post was very poetic and I love the pic of you with the baby-backpack! πŸ™‚

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