The return to pounding pavement

Saturday marked my return to running after a week off to rest my irritable IT band. I ran in a community fun run (5K), and what was interesting about this one is that I worked the registration the hour before the race, so I got to experience the other side of the table for the first time. My main takeaway from working registration? I love how many people do these events with their running buddies and families. So many sweet children excited to run in their first race! So many supportive pairs talking each other up walking up to the starting line. I just love how running brings people together in this bubble of positivity and self-love. It was also a sunny and warm day… and a mostly downhill course…

Photo: Gorgeous weather for the Haggen 2 Haggen 5K. It was an early start, but really awesome to volunteer and then run!!

I really spaced out during the run. I crossed the finish line and actually had to think about the route and remember parts of it–I think because I was so focused on checking in with my knee and worried about another flare up that the rest of the race went by in a flash. Luckily, my knee held up just fine. I took it easy and ran at about a 9:30 minute/mile. Yesterday I rehabbed by doing some strength training in the pool.

Thanks to all for the feedback on treadmill running. With the weather as nice as it’s been and getting my first taste of summer, I really can’t imagine running inside. I think I will continue to swim for cross-training and my other plan is to wake up early before work and try to do some of my weekday runs in the morning before it gets warm.

I’ve been spending a lot of time stretching and working with my foam roller to pinpoint areas of tightness. Warming up and stretching are so important and should not be glossed over in the rush to get to the run. I did learn my lesson from this knee injury. Marathon training will be 17 weeks of progressively higher mileage density, and the only way to tackle this in a healthy manner is to listen to my body and afford it equal preparation in all arenas. As I learned from Saturday, recovering from an injury does not only cause distracting physical feedback–it also creates mental noise that can take you out of the entire experience of the run! I want my next race to be about… well, enjoying the race experience, and not just worrying about a body part.

This week is shaping up to include lots of pool time and a handful of 3-4 mile runs. Tomorrow evening I am going an all-paces run that I haven’t attended since winter. Should be much brighter out this time 🙂

7 thoughts on “The return to pounding pavement

  1. I need a new running hat. Not because this one isn’t functional, but because I don’t like the way it looks 🙂 I’m runner-vain and ok with that.

  2. I’m so glad you weren’t in pain during your run. 🙂
    Today was a day that the weather was questionable… but we managed to get our run in outside anyway and I’m glad we did! Treadmills just don’t excite me.

    • Yeah, they are pretty terrible! I ran on one when I was out of town a few weeks back, and it was sort of discouraging. I hate seeing the increments of the miles tick by and not have a sense of going anywhere. I am moderately more open to tracks, but not by much 🙂

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