Knee feeling normal

But I am going to do the smart thing and rest a few more days… then take it easy for a few weeks…

I went for a long walk at a brisk pace yesterday, and it helped me feel much better. I am so thrilled the sun is shining–it’s supposed to be really nice for the race this weekend.

Tonight I am getting a hair cut. My hair is pretty long–I think this will just be a trim. A few months ago I wanted to cut my hair very short, but ultimately decided I still love my long locks. I go back and forth on what length would be best suited for summer marathon training. I guess the good thing about hair is you can always cut more of it off 🙂

Although I am a huge proponent of running outdoors, I am thinking about doing some of my training runs this summer on the treadmill. I think once in awhile it might be nice to watch a television show to pass the time, especially when the weekday runs get longer. I want to preserve some of my favorite outdoor spots for long runs on the weekends. Do you have thoughts about using the treadmill as a training tool? When I do run on a treadmill, it is much easier than running outside, so I always worry that I am not getting the full impact…

…on the other hand, I do believe my IT band stress originated from too much repetitive stress on banked road surfaces. So I suppose a guaranteed flat surface wouldn’t be a bad thing once in awhile.

Happy Hump Day, friends!

4 thoughts on “Knee feeling normal

  1. My favorite thing about living near Bellingham is the endless number of trails to pick from. Personally I hate the treadmill and will always choose to be outside for my runs.
    I hope your knees continue to improve.

  2. Anna! I found your delightful new blog whilst trying to visit your old one. 🙂

    I’ve had some IT band issues in the past and they are so, so, so annoying, but intervening early is everything. Do you have a roller? Rolling it can do so much. Also, I know a really amazing chiropractor who does soft tissue work and specializes in running/sports issues. He’s helped me (and Matt) fix many injuries. I can give you his info if you’re interested. Also I use a hard insole in my running shoes, which was recommended after I had some foot pain that I believe originated at my IT band– so many things you can do and try. Also, I don’t know if you pay much attention to your cadence (it feels weird at first) but trying to run at a high cadence really cuts down on injury.

    Also, I hate the treadmill. I run on it only when necessary… even when watching TV I find myself getting very restless. I have a very hard time (mentally) doing more than three miles on it.

    My longest run post-Henry is now five miles! I’m hoping to attempt running with him in a stroller soon!

    Okay, do I win world’s longest comment award?

    • I love this long comment. And finding your blog. Even though we check in often in real life, it’s fun to read about what you’ve been up to lately. H is the cutest! I am really impressed by your 5 miles.

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