The road less taken

Hello, back from my week at conference and I have updates. Let’s rewind… After the Whidbey Half Marathon, I felt really good after a strong finish. I was a bit sore in my quads for a few days after, but nothing debilitating. I actually had a relatively normal week of working out following the race. Last weekend, I ran a 5K charity race and felt a little tired for the first time, and by the finish my chronically troublesome right knee was aching. It didn’t concern me because I have experienced something similar before–the repetitive stress of training for and then running a long race can cause some hidden injuries that come out after the fact. So I rested after last Saturday’s 5K, diligently attended workouts at the pool, and sort of left it at that.

Where am I now? Well, simply put, my knee needs more time. Knee injuries are definitely dangerous for runners, and I am not taking this lightly. On Friday I ran 3 miles on a treadmill at the hotel gym, and I could feel some tightness in my knee afterward. So I stretched and took it easy the rest of the day. This morning, I went for my traditional Sunday trail run, but kept it at an easy 3 once again–still a little tenderness. Tonight I ended up going to the pool and I actually feel like it helped to loosen things up a bit, but I was very gentle and worked a lot more on upper arms (push-ups off the side of the pool, etc) than legs trying to avoid any additional stress on the knee.

So, the good news is I currently have more swimsuits in the laundry than running clothes and I am getting some new muscle definition (especially in my arms!). The not as good news is that I am going to scale back the distance of my runs by quite a bit these next few weeks, and with a half marathon coming up in 3 weeks, I am in for an interesting ride. But, you know? I will do my best. I’m going to be in that pool at least 2 times a week, going for regular 3 mile runs, and stretching, icing, and pampering this little knee until it is eating bon-bons and getting fanned by pool boys (the image is funny in my head and oddly comforting). Here be it resolved: The Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll is now officially Just For Fun. It won’t be a PR day. I may even need to walk, and that is OKAY. Because as my running buddy reminded me this evening, the goal is to start marathon training healthy and happy this June. WHICH IS A MONTH AWAY! So I need to listen to my body.

I am backing out of a 2x per week running clinic I was going to start this week and trying to find a yoga class for some gentle intentional stretching. The rest of May looks like feel-good-runs, whatever the mileage may be, lots of time at the pool, and a mellow half marathon somewhere in there.

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