The weekend that was “just right”

My heart is full and my energy restored after this last weekend. I ran the Fun with the Fuzz 5K on Saturday and it was so wonderful to be swept up in the energy that was captured during that event. I saw quite a few runners with Boston Marathon jackets on, which was a visible reminder of the week we’ve all experienced in the running community. Our town came out with a strong showing, thanking those who indiscriminately respond first to emergencies and keep our community safe.

The race itself was just fine–I finished 27:30, not my fastest, but the race was pretty crowded so I knew the chances of a PR were slim. I also felt a few aggravations from the previous weekend’s half marathon cropping up, so I took it a bit easy. I had the pleasure of standing at the finish line and watching both my running buddy and her husband finish the race strong. The food trough was epic–I enjoyed a turkey sandwich.

Yesterday I went to the pool and had an amazing workout. Water jogging with weights, kick boarding, swimming, and pushups off the side of the pool. I am so happy I’ve incorporated the pool into my training.

I leave on Wednesday for a conference, so my posting may be a bit sporadic this week. I’m packing my running shoes so I can run during my time away 🙂

Running buddy love before the race!


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