A Little Hump Day Zen

Yesterday I ran a silent mile for Boston before I left for Zumba as a participant in Runners United to Remember. I am simply overwhelmed every time I see posts from runners all over the country (and world!) dedicating runs to remember Boston.

My body is asking for recovery from the race on Sunday–I ran hard, and though I feel no soreness today, I do feel tired. Maybe it’s the reduced sleep (two year molars are making a big entrance at my house), or maybe it’s the high pollen and the consistently stuffy sinuses. Today I will probably do a light run, perhaps around 3 miles. Tomorrow I am going to the pool to aqua jog on my lunch break (one of the perks of working on a campus), and I hope to feel strong and energized by Saturday’s race. I am aiming for a feel-good 5K.

Today, I’m feeling particularly centered by this quote from Zen and the Art of Running:

“In a fairly obvious sense, running is life made small. A run has a beginning and an end. There are obstacles to overcome, good days and bad days.”

We can set our expectations and form our attachments, but running is imbedded with an organic spirit that flows, sometimes, unpredictably. I seek to practice mindfulness by listening to the systems of my body without judgement or narrative. On Sunday, I was reminded that I can be my own best support when I acknowledge difficulty as part of the process and the journey. The steep hills, the tender muscles, the heavy hearts–these form the soil that is ripe for growth.

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