Yesterday I went for a 2 mile jog to get some blood pumping to my muscles in an effort to aid recovery from Sunday’s half.


This evening I will go to Zumba and hopefully I will feel back to normal by tomorrow’s track workout. I wasn’t very sore yesterday, but today my quads are pretty stiff. I want to incorporate more strength training exercises, such as squats, to build up the backs of my legs so that the burden of force is more evenly distributed during my long runs. I’ve also been working diligently to break in my new pair of Brooks, which I am alternating with my Mizunos for running. So far, so good. I like both shoes for entirely different reasons, perhaps I’ll write about that at some point.


Yesterday’s events are still weighing on me, as I am sure they are on you as well. I take some comfort in knowing that runners are some of the most tenacious and brave people on this earth, and the good and camaraderie nurtured by this lifestyle will only be strengthened when all is said and done.

I have a fun run 5K this Saturday that will be a pretty awesome event–runners and members of the police force are running together to raise money for families of fallen officers. Looking forward to doing this one.

Happy Running!


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